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Auto Call Services
We start with either your list of voters or we provide one for you. Then we separate the cell phone from the landlines using our advanced scrubbing software.Then either send us a recording you have made yourself or use our dial in system to record your message. Provide a caller ID, date and time and you are ready to go. Payment must be made prior to calls being made. 
We will call your list 3 times to try to penetrate as much of the list as possible.

Step 1: Send us your list

The first step is determining who we are going to call. If you already have a call list, you can upload on our "Get Started" form or email it to


If you don't have a list, we can purchase one on your behalf at 3 cents per record. Let us know who you want to call, and we'll do the rest. 

Step 2: Record your message

Once we have your list, we will send you  a recording code for our dial-in recording service. Record your 30 second message over the phone, and it will upload into our system directly. Once we have the recording, we will send it back for your approval. 


If you already have a message recorded, email it to

Step 3: Date, time, and payment

Let us know the date and time of day you want your call to run. Let us know if you have a campaign phone number you would like to use as a caller ID.


We will send you an invoice via PayPal, and then your call is ready! Easy!

Ringless Voicemail Drops
Traditional auto calls are only for landline phones but 2cent Autocalls has pioneered a new way to reach your voters on their cell phones, ringless voicemail. For only 5 cents per record we can leave your message on the voicemail of their cellphone without their phone ever ringing.

Text Messaging
Our newest addition to our communication suite is bulk text messages starting at 20 cents per record. Leave your message on your voters cell phones.

Phone Lists
Ask us about how we can use our leading database provider to add numbers to your call to expand your call list and maximize your impact.Land Lines and Cell Phone lists at 3 cents per record. We can complete your existing listing by de-duping your lists against our in house list.
Automated polling allows David to beat Goliath


Step one: identify your electorate

Just like an auto call, we first need to figure out who we are going to call. We can either use your existing list, or purchase one on your behalf for 3 cents per record.

Step two: write your questions

We charge 2 cents per question

Engineer your survey by asking the questions that are important to you and your campaign. Some examples of these questions are:


Demographic Questions

  • age

  • gender

  • party affiliation

  • education level

  • income level


Political Questions

  • Candidate name recognition

  • Ballot Test

  • Voting history

  • Issue concern questions

Step three: collect your results

Once your poll runs, your campaign will receive a raw data report and a line item report. The raw data report will be a report of the frequency of responses, and the line item report of every call made.

Transfer Calls allow you to connect directly with people

We have taken "Press 1" technology and made it highly efficient just for you. This allows the recipient of your call to press 1, either recording that entry with the phone number record, or transferring that caller instantly to you. Why is this valuable? 


Press 1 to transfer:

In any campaign, you may be asking the person being called  if they would like to speak with your campaign. By pressing one, we can instantly transfer the recipient of the call over to the phone number of your choosing. 

Press 1 If you would like to... :

Invite the recipient of the call to press one to, for example, donate to your campaign, receive a lawn sign, or be contacted by the campaign. You then have a record of which recipients pressed one, giving you valuable data for future use.

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